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Reference identifier Bosch Facility

This landing page (navigation help) documents all relevant definitions, standards and specifications for the Bosch Facility Equipment Identification Key and the file naming convention.

Project description

These regulations apply to all trades and their documents and markings. At the start of the project, these are made available to the planning departments and, if necessary, adapted / extended for the project. At the respective project start, reference is made to a version of the EIK and the file release. It can be permanently retrieved in this status and compared with the current status.

Project manager Bosch:

  • Christian Bruns
  • Jan-Lukas Gehl
  • Thomas Sigloch
  • Thomas Walter

Project manager external:

Structural changes

Bosch Equipment Identification Key



Further information

Reference identifier (EIK)


Example compressor compressed air


File naming convention


Example data sheet compressor air


Applied standards

Document type

  • DIN EN 61355 Rules and tables for classification


  • IEC 81346-1 General rules Draft
  • IEC 81346-2 Classification of objects and identification letters for classes NEW: 2020-10
  • ISO 81346-12 Buildings and technical building equipment
    • ISO 81346-12 Functional system classes#Classes of functional systems based on inherent functions
    • ISO 81346-12 Functional system classes#Classes of technical systems based on inherent functions

Data point

  • DIN EN 61175 Marking of signals




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